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About Us

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Who we are

SkinQD, Inc was established in 2012 by Dr. Robert Nettles MD and Sabrina vallejos M.S.,BCBA ( Co-Founders). We are proud to be a US made manufacturing company committed to developing high quality skin care treatment products to help skin experts and physicians achieve the best outcome for their clients. We believe in consumer education, best practice and above all providing best outcome.

Dr. Robert Nettles, a facial cosmetic derma surgeon from Beverly Hills, is the leading innovator behind this revolutionary new product. His experience at the University of Alabama Medical School, his medical residency at St. Vincent’s Medical Center, and his training underneath some of the leading dermatological surgeons in the nation, including Drs. Robert Halpern and Robert Elliott, have provided him with unique insight into the structure and function of human skin. Relying on that insight has helped him create a powerful and effective scar removal product, SkinQD.Dr. Nettles’ determination to find an effective scar treatment option started as a personal journey. An accident left Dr. Nettles with serious scarring on his face. While he tried the most powerful over the counter medication and the most highly recommended prescription treatment options, nothing seemed to work. Undeterred, Dr. Nettles set out to repair his damaged face himself, and SkinQD is the product of those efforts.


What we offer

Our revolutionary scar improvement product is the most effective and powerful scar improvement and skin rejuvenating treatment option on the market today. We want to provide you with impressive, powerful, and accelerated color and texture improvement of your skin, to boost your confidence, and to help you reclaim your life.SkinQD was created specifically to provide a safer, more effective, and risk-free solution to the problem of unsightly scars caused by skin trauma such as, burns, acne, tattoo removal,surgeries, and other incidents that lead to scarring of the skin.
I the past, invasive surgeries carried high risk and didn’t always promise the complete removal and restoration of the scar.Now, surgery is no longer required. The SkinQD method is safe, natural, and above all, effective. Because this product contains 80% active ingredients, as opposed to the industry standard of between 3% and 7% active ingredients, it is by far the most powerful skin solution available.After visiting with patients in our practice who felt lost and frustrated with failed attempts to improve the appearance of scarring on their faces and bodies, we set out to create a new treatment option that could encourage the production of collagen without triggering an overwhelming response from the body. Our goal, then, was to create a product that encouraged balance and harmony during and after skin trauma recovery. SkinQD is that product. Rigorous clinical testing and trials have revealed this product to be a revolutionary new solution for a variety of different scar types.

We are providing this product because it works and because we have seen, firsthand, the renewed confidence and immense relief patients experience when they no longer have to deal with unsightly unaesthetic scars. We invite you to join the thousands of patients who have experienced this rejuvenation.