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The SkinQD Story

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How was SKINQD scar improvement formula developed?

Several years ago, Dr. Robert Nettles, a facial cosmetic derma-surgeon in the Beverly Hills area, experienced a traumatic and serious accident that left is face covered in lacerations. The lacerations across his nose, around his eyes, and across his chin required over one hundred stitches. Dr. Nettles, after the wounds had healed and completely closed up, was left with severe  scarring across a large portion of his face.

Over the Counter Failures

Naturally, Dr. Nettles first turned to the most highly recommended and widely touted over the counter scar reduction and treatment options. Like thousands of other patients currently dealing with excessive, unsightly scarring, though, he found these over the counter options to be fairly useless because of the low concentration of active ingredients. There simply wasn’t enough collagen, elastin, glycolic acid, or other rejuvenating substances necessary to make a difference.

Side Effects

Dr. Nettles also tried some of the most widely popular prescription treatments for scarring, but these often had unpleasant side effects and even dangerous reactions. Frustrated and desperate for a solution, Dr. Nettles began researching other solutions to keloid scarring. His goal was to find a solution that was effective, safe, and as simple as possible.

Research leading to the discovery of Helix Aspersa, a very potent natural active ingredient.

His research revealed some startling progress in the scar treatment industry that was being achieved with a natural extract known as Helix Aspersa. This substance, which is actually the natural, organic secretion of a common garden snail, is loaded with active ingredients that have been proven to provide substantial improvement on skin with scars.

Applying Helix Aspersa to his own scars, Dr. Nettles was shocked at the incredibly fast, efficient, and effective results that were achieved. His facial scarring began fading right before his eyes! While there were plenty of other Helix Aspersa products on the market, Dr. Nettles was determined to create his own product, and offer that product to customers and patients.

A Higher Active Ingredient Concentration

One important difference between the SkinQD Helix Aspersa scar treatment and reduction formula is the concentration of active ingredients found within the cream. Many over the counter and competitor creams have only 3-7% active ingredients. SkinQD’s revolutionary formula, on the other hand, has an amazing 80% concentration of active ingredients. When you apply this product to your existing or new scars, your skin will be inundated with ingredients like vitamins, antimicrobials, collagen and elastin, glycolic acid to slough away dead skin cells and promote  significant improvement in color and skin texture.