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1) How soon after surgery can I start using SkinQD?

As soon as the wound is closed, dry and sutures have been removed by your physician.

2) How often do I need to Purchase SkinQD?

As much as 15mg or 0.5 oz will be a 2 month supply on a wound or scar 7-10 cm long (3-4 inches).

3) What causes scars or scarring to the skin?

During the last stage of wound healing or “maturation” of the skin, it is possible that either an overproduction or under production of collagen has occurred after trauma to the skin. Although building scar tissue is a normal process in wound healing, moderating the production of collagen can help prevent abnormal scars. The higher the production of collagen during skin reattachment, the more discolored the skin can become.

4) If abnormal scarring occurs after skin trauma, what kind of scar can my skin develop?

There are 2 kinds of abnormal scars: Hyperthopic and Keloid scars. These types of scars are typically thick, discolored and extend beyond the area if the actual wound.

5) How can SkinQD help improve my  skin  and healing?

Because SkinQD is a proprietary blend of 7 active ingredients clinically validated to support wound and skin healing, by using SkinQD immediate following skin trauma, the skin is getting a potent dose of natural vitamins, antimicrobials to fight infections, glycolic acid, allantoin, peptides and collagen needed for the skin to regenerate properly without overproducing more than is needed. Applying SkinQD early on before the skin begins to mature in its final stages can minimize the development of abnormal unwanted scars.

6) Are there clinical studies available to support its treatment efficacy?

Yes! There are many clinical studies worldwide which support the efficacy of helix aspersa in the treatment of wounds and 3rd degree burns. In addition, Skin experts around the world are following their own case studies and sharing their success stories. You can find more information in our website.

7) How long will it take for “natural results you can see”?

The length of scar management time varies from person to person. Skin and wounds heal depending on age and severity of trauma to the skin. When SkinQD is used as directed twice daily, you can expect to see improvement as soon as 4-8 weeks. However skin may take up to 2 years to heal completely. Consult your physician before starting to use SkinQD and ask for a length of treatment recommendation.

8) Does SkinQD have any side effects and can it be used in children?

SkinQD is safe to use on face and body. However, as with any non-edible product you should not apply inside the mouth or lips. SkinQD is safe to use on Children 8 years old or older.

9) Where can I buy SkinQD?

SkinQD is available on line through its manufacturer (this site) or through physicians and skin expert’s recommendations.

10) What is SkinQD returns policy?

If you are not satisfied with our product within 30 days. We will gladly accept a return and we guarantee your money back. (Minus shipping and handling fees)

11) Where is SkinQD manufactured?

SkinQD is 100% manufactured in the USA. Our manufacturing labs are FDA approved and operate under the highest standards of practice. We are GMP certified and take pride in developing high quality US made products.