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Are you a doctor, skincare professional, or dermatological professional with clients and patients who struggle with abnormal scarring? Have your patients tried option after option, including the latest prescription medications, over the counter treatment creams, and even painful surgeries with no success? Are you looking for answers on behalf of your patients?

If so, this SkinQD scar improvement formula is something to consider for your clients. Physicians and medical professionals throughout the world are discovering the undeniable power of Helix Aspersa in improving the color, texture and overalppearance of scars. You can add SkinQD’s Helix Aspersa treatment formula to your product collection and start helping your patients reclaim their confidence and beauty.

Scars are traumatic, both physically and emotionally. Many consumers dislike scars because they remind them of a frightening or uncomfortable incident. Others have scars that cause disfiguration and reduce self-esteem and self-worth. SkinQD’s scar improvement serum can help with all of these common patient issues.

Unlike most of the scar creams and treatment options currently available throughout the country, SkinQD’s Helix Aspersa is made with 80% active ingredients. The concentration of Allantoin, Vitamins, Collagen, Glycolic Acid, Protein Peptides, and other active ingredients is much higher, which makes the product more effective.

This incredible treatment option can be used in the treatment of minor cuts, burns, suture marks, acne scarring, post-surgical procedure scars, C-Section scars, tattoo scars, shaving cuts, and any other type of skin trauma that has left its mark. Now, SkinQD is offering free samples of this incredible product to skin care professionals who are interested in adding it to their available treatment options.

If you want to provide fast, powerful, and efficient care to your patients, SkinQD is able to help. Contact for more infomation