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Testimonials - Ivan Williams

“I fell at work and cut my outstretched hand, ooom to stop the bleeding.  Concerned about infection and scarring, my doctor recommended SkinQD.  After 30 days I can barely see that anything happened.  It’s like magic.”

-        Ivan Williams, TX

Testimonials - Patricia Montes

“As the chef for the day, I was in charge of preparing the fruit salad for my wedding party.  One small slip later, I was in the ER getting 11 stitches to stop the bleeding on my ring finger.  Faced with the thought of having a “forever” reminder of that day, SkinQD was highly recommended.  By the 10th day I was already happy.”

-        Patricia Montes, CA

Testimonials Deborah N Before Testimonials Deborah N After

“As a female in my 30’s I was looking for a very natural breast augmentation look.  Finding the right doctor who would understand what’s important for me wasn’t easy but I found the right hands with the right skill set to perform my surgery.  I was terrified of having an “ugly looking scar”. Dr Hoeffin taught me that post surgery care of the wound is equally as important as the doctor skill set.  I tried a silicon based scar product but I was not satisfied.  Dr H recommended SkinQD.  I began noticing the skin in affected area  was improving.  I can not imagine what my scar would look like had I not used SkinQD.  I am absolutely thrilled with my results.”

-        Deborah N.   Beverly Hills, CA

Testimonials Michelle A

“I had a breast reduction procedure in my early 40’s.  I knew there was a chance of developing keloid scars but the benefits justified the means. After 3 months of trying different products I consulted with Dr. Robert Nettles about my scar.  He recommended SkinQD.  After just a few weeks I started noticing improvement in color and texture.”

-    Michelle A.                                                           Los Angeles, CA